Winter break

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In Norway we have a traditional winter break just after our long Christmas break and just before our long Easter break; we do love our holidays in Norway. During winter break we usually run to the mountains to go skiing.  There are two types of skiing, the walking type and the standing type. Since standing on skis are rather more relaxed than the other type that is what me and my son usually do.

This time though I was going to try and make some photos at the same time, as an added activity. This is the first time I have tried action photos  in snow and there were some challenges. Most of the week the temperature was around minus 10 Celsius which is cold, add a windchill factor, since this is the top of the mountains (very evident in the first picture) and it is freezing. This is commanding for the equipment but also for the hands. I am satisfied with the results but next time I will also take some pictures with a lower shutter speed to add some movement. Well, next year!

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