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One of the reasons I’m trying to write a blog is trying to structure the work I do with all the photos I make. It is not enough to simply go on a trip of some sorts, snap some shots, and maybe print a couple of them a little later.  I have this idea that I want to work through the photos I make, and after every trip make a book from the best of them. In it self not so difficult maybe, but then I also want the book too look as good as possible. If there is something I am not satisfied with, I go into a 4 months long search for how to get it exactly how I want it. Often what i want is not possible and  I have to start the process all over again. In the meantime I have probably started working on another project, which by then feels more important. Until I again stop because there is something I can’t quite get how I want it.

So today I have one of my days where I have the time to get some work done, but I am unsure what project I should be working on. A couple of hours later I decide that I have the family vacation from 2014 to finish, and I choose to start there. And I run into a problem almost before I am able to start. When I last worked on the book I did not have a clear understanding on how I wanted it structured so it is partly a family vacation project and in part a church art bonanza. How do I fix that? No idea. I start a new project on Trello (a online planning/project tool, which I highly recommend). After a short time I figure out that I have to divide it into two projects, one part is the not yet begun church project, the other one is the family vacation 2014 book. Problem solved. We’ll see.

After a month in France an Italy in the summer of 2014 I became slightly bored of the standard tourist family vacation pictures. After a small brainstorm I decided to take some pictures of my son doing cartwheels in front of the landmarks. The idea was good, but on some of the pictures the patience was tested by the throngs of tourists visiting along with the the inexperienced cameraman(me). The things you have to think about when taking pictures with slow shutter speed in front of dozens of other tourists taking pictures of the same monument. It is quite a learning experience. This was probably the best out of 20 in this sequence in front of the Notre Dame. Hopefully we’ll be back in not too long to try again.



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