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One of the projects I have been working on for the last few years is a collection of about 270 negatives that we found when my grandfather died. Some of them were in quite a terrible condition, and I’ve spent probably a 1000 hours restoring the images. The positive far outweighs the negative though. I have gained some skillz in photoshop and have ideas on several related projects. I will publish quite a few of these photos here in time.

This photo is an overview of the upper part of the valley Dalsgrenda, which is a small place in Northern Norway. The farm closest to the camera is Fagermoen, the family farm in which I grew up. This part of Norway is located a whisker below the Artic Cirle, this means that the midnight sun shines on the mountains for a couple of months each summer, and there is no sun in the valley for some months during winter. It is a beautiful place both summer and winter.

I am working on some new pictures of the river,  some of them you can already see here, I am also working on gaining access to other old photos of the valley.


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