Église Saint-André-de-Sorède first thoughts

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Posted in: Medieval Stone, Churches and Monasteries



The pictures I am working on now are from a small but beautiful and interesting church in the village of Saint-André in Pyrenees-Orientales. This is an area I have visited several times during the last ten years because my parents-in-law live in one of the neighboring villages. If you’re familiar with the feeling of visiting a place and not wanting to leave for the next few months, besides the fact that I have this feeling almost everywhere I go, this is the feeling I get when I come here. There are so many things to see and do in this area; so many churches, abbeys, priories, castles, fortresses, so much history embedded in the soil that it is difficult to leave. Having spent so much time in the area, there are countless places I want to write about and show pictures from.

I’ll start with the beautiful church of Saint-André-de-Sorède. Stay tuned, this article will be appended during the next few days.

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