Medieval Stone

This is a page solely dedicated to the the medieval stone department. The menu will focus on some architectural medieval entity, being a church or an abbey or sometimes maybe a fortress. If this is not your cup of tea you should turn now and never come back. This is the realm of medieval nerds.


Église Saint-André-de-Sorède first thoughts

Posted in: Medieval Stone, Churches and Monasteries     The pictures I am working on now are from a small but beautiful and interesting church in the village of Saint-André in Pyrenees-Orientales. This is an area I have visited several times during the last ten years because my parents-in-law live in one of the neighboring villages. If you’re familiar with the feeling of visiting a place […]

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Cathedrale Saint Lazare d’Autun

My medieval education at University means me and my family sometimes visit places that are not famous for much other than a church. Driving with my family from Paris Disneyland to my in-laws in french Catalunya was a perfect occasion to find some small medieval town and visit a church. At this particular occasion we, which in historical mattes means me, decided to spend one night in Autun, in […]

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