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Église Saint-André-de-Sorède first thoughts

Posted in: Medieval Stone, Churches and Monasteries     The pictures I am working on now are from a small but beautiful and interesting church in the village of Saint-André in Pyrenees-Orientales. This is an area I have visited several times during the last ten years because my parents-in-law live in one of the neighboring villages. If you’re familiar with the feeling of visiting a place […]

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Cathedrale Saint Lazare d’Autun

My medieval education at University means me and my family sometimes visit places that are not famous for much other than a church. Driving with my family from Paris Disneyland to my in-laws in french Catalunya was a perfect occasion to find some small medieval town and visit a church. At this particular occasion we, which in historical mattes means me, decided to spend one night in Autun, in […]

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Cartwheels in France

Continuing the cartwheels’ subject that I started two days ago. I was travelling with my family by car from Sorede in French Catalunya to Paris. This was the last part of a month long travelling around in France and Italy. During this time the standard family vacation pictures got a bit boring, so I started having my son doing cartwheels instead of the common poses. The idea […]

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One of the reasons I’m trying to write a blog is trying to structure the work I do with all the photos I make. It is not enough to simply go on a trip of some sorts, snap some shots, and maybe print a couple of them a little later.  I have this idea that I want to work through the photos I make, and after […]

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American roadtrip

A bit over a year ago I went to Salt Lake City for an IT-Conference. Having never been in Salt Lake City or Utah I was excited as I love visiting new places. Surprisingly it turned out that Salt Lake City was not the most exciting place in the US,  it was in fact kind of a dull city with some good tasting brew. After a […]

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Winter break

In Norway we have a traditional winter break just after our long Christmas break and just before our long Easter break; we do love our holidays in Norway. During winter break we usually run to the mountains to go skiing.  There are two types of skiing, the walking type and the standing type. Since standing on skis are rather more relaxed than the other type that […]

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Old photos

One of the projects I have been working on for the last few years is a collection of about 270 negatives that we found when my grandfather died. Some of them were in quite a terrible condition, and I’ve spent probably a 1000 hours restoring the images. The positive far outweighs the negative though. I have gained some skillz in photoshop and have ideas on several related […]

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