American roadtrip

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A bit over a year ago I went to Salt Lake City for an IT-Conference. Having never been in Salt Lake City or Utah I was excited as I love visiting new places. Surprisingly it turned out that Salt Lake City was not the most exciting place in the US,  it was in fact kind of a dull city with some good tasting brew.

After a few days on the conference me and my travel companion decided to drive to New Orleans and go home from there. That meant driving quite a few miles in two days, so it was quite a road trip. We also chose not to drive the shortest route as we wanted to see Monument Valley. And did I mention I was the only driver since my mate did not have a drivers license?!  In hindsight though the drive was quite OK (american roads are great), the only trouble was that the route is a very scenic one, so driving in the tempo we had to was quite a pain because I wanted to spend weeks photographing the landscape. I did take some photos, mainly from the road, or very close to the road.

After I got home I processed a couple of the best photos but I never managed to make a whole set because I never managed find the form I wanted to give them.  But now, 18 months later, I did find how to get the pictures to reflect the vastness of this part of USA combined with the tones that were enveloping the landscape.

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