About Rune Ersdal

I started taking photos when I was 17 years old. My grandfather owned a Pentax medium format camera which he used in his younger days to make photos with. My father continued the trend and in my family’s home the walls were and still are covered with photos of the children. Naturally the interest rubbed off and I got my first SLR in 1991.

Life tends to take its own ways and for many years the  interest laid dormant, till I got my own family and again I started making photos. As a photographer not making a living of it, I am in the fortunate position of not having to brand myself anything more specific than a photographer.

What you will see on these pages are mainly photos from travels and nature. I have a few projects which will run long term. The blog will sometimes consist of only a photograph with a short caption, sometimes maybe a complete story, and sometimes experiences with some gear I have been using. The only sure thing is that the form will change if I continue this blog.

I also have a strong interest in old history. I have a university degree in medieval interdisciplinary studies with focus on Western European Art which make me travel around a lot visiting old buildings. Do not be surprised if you, when exploring this domain, suddenly find yourself knee deep in photos of old churches.  Look around and enjoy, share and comment on what you like.